Thursday, February 15, 2007

Iswara Returns

It takes almost 2 months for the workshop to get the repair done. There're many changes within these 2 months including getting a new Myvi. The few months old battery on the Iswara has failed (without a reason) even it's being recharged. We had to jump-start it in order to drive it back home. Both left doors were replaced, poor workmanship with wavy panels. Not too bad on the rear wheel fenders. The interior is horrible. Front left interior door panels were 'screwed' to the door frame as there're no replacement parts for this item. The front seat frame is totally rusty and the handbrake is slanted towards the right side. Am not surprised that the bonnet is full of swirls. The boot is no longer smooth and I hope there's no water leakage. There're just too many defects on this car which I wouldn't even want to think of it. On the bright side, I have no fear of driving and parking this car anywhere. Hah!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

From Phillippines with Shine

I received an email from my blog reader, Benji who is from Philippines describing his great effort on his nice red Mazda. A big thank you for his words and pictures. This is what he had done on his car:

  1. Wash - Polyglaze Car Shampoo
  2. Clay - Mothers Clay Bar, Eagle One QD
  3. Glaze - 3M Machine Glaze Pre-Wax, Makita 9227C, 3M Waffle Pad
  4. Clean - Mothers Ph1 Pre-Wax Cleaner, Bosch GEX-150AC, Meguiar's W8006 Polishing Pad
  5. Seal - Fusso Coat
  6. Wax - Meguiar's M26 High-Tech Yellow Wax