Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quick Paint Cleaning

The weather is still consistently being poor. If your car is parked outdoor, most probably you'll face the dirt film problem. The Myvi at home is parked outdoor most of the time, and being light colour, it shows the dirt film easily. Tight schedule disallows me to bring out my rotary buffer to give it a good paint cleaning and light polishing. It's good enough that I can wash it once a week.

On horizontal panels, the dirt film is the thickest, followed by the streaks of stain on vertical panels - the path where most water will flow down. Besides that, the paint is really rough when you touch it. These feelings make a car wash result less satisfying.

But there is a quick (or you call it lazy) way for me to overcome such problem by firstly giving the car a regular wash. Follow that by claying the paintwork. Then apply paint cleaner (such as M82/M80) by hand. Lastly, top it up with your favourite LSP.

When you apply M82/M80 by hand using the foam pad applicator, it's not going to cut at all. For areas with light scratches, you may exert abit more pressure to remove the defects. This method is very effective in removing the dirt film. The previous claying step will leave the paintwork a smooth touch, but it will not remove the dirt film much. So both steps complements each other.

That's how much of effort I can afford to put in these days...most probably will rotary buff my Vios after my exam in July. :)