Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Meguiar's (Malaysia) Official Website

Finally here comes the official Meguiar's (Malaysia) website and forum! It's still very new, so the contents are limited. Click on the following URLs for...

Meguiar's (Malaysia) Official Website

Meguiar's (Malaysia) Forum

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Blue Class?

What?! Meguiar's has changed the colour of the Gold Class (GC) shampoo into blue? Cool's actually the Shampoo Plus which I've got it months ago. You're right, I've finally finished up my GC shampoo and poured the Shampoo Plus into the old 64oz GC shampoo bottle.

Had tried to use it on the Vios and the Accord. Simply marvellous. Not to mention I'm bored with GC shampoo's smell after using many gallons of it, this is certainly refreshing. The lubricity is slightly more than the GC shampoo but cleaning power is on par. As usual, it's easy to rinse away with gentle stream of water. Dilution ratio is 1oz to 1 gallon, very economy. Well, these are just my opinions, might be totally different from others. Cheers!