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Friday, December 21, 2007

The 8th Visit

You might be surprised that the Myvi visited the Perodua workshop for 8 times, just to solve the engine oil leaking problem. This time it involves people from the HQ (Rawang) since the service center at Sec.19 is incompetant to solve it for the past 7 visits (11 months). The car was left with Perodua for 2 weeks and they loaned us another Myvi. Within these 2 weeks I was hoping the car will be free from extra dents and scratches in the workshop. Besides solving the engine oil leaking problem, they replaced the left side headlamp too. The right side headlamp was replaced a few months back due to the well-known defects (crack lines appear on the internal side of the housing).

Got the car back 2 days ago. A couple of annoying things hit my nerve. Dirty finger prints every where on the paintwork, which is OK with me as long as they don't try to clean it. Front number plate holder was misaligned. They didn't mount it back properly after fitting back the front bumper. There were 3 missing wheel well fasteners, which I believe they forgot to put it back. However, the most important is I don't find anymore oil drops on the floor after 2 days of driving. I hope the problem is solved.

This car is almost 1 year old, the paintwork hasn't been receiving much attention due to the aforementioned problem which requires me to send the car in to workshop. Since I'm on leave today, I had the mood and time to detail. I washed and dried the car as usual. Next I clayed the bonnet and polished it with Menzerna 106FF and Meguiar's W8006 pad, at the speed of 900RPM with the Makita 9227C. Thanks to Kenneth for being generous enough to give me some sample of that wonderful product. The product stays wet eventhough the ambient temperature was quite high. The longer buffing time allows me to breakdown the diminishing abrasive more efficiently, leaving a swirl-free and high-gloss surface. Maybe it's a light color paint, so I don't see any holograms.

I did the same on the roof, which is the most challenging part as Myvi's roof is quite high plus the fact that I'm not tall. Standing on the IKEA stool with both hands operating the rotary buffer make balancing the body quite a challenge. A 3-step ladder would be beneficial in this case, not to mention I can use it during a fashion show shoot too. :D The paint is so smooth and clean now, except that there are some etched watermarks at the center portion of the roof. Can't expect much for a car which is parked outdoor and seldom being washed. I used Soft99 Fusso Coat as the LSP. I hope the NXT 2.0 or M21 2.0 are able to arrive on time before I finished it.

What I'm glad is I enjoyed the process more than the result. I hope all of you spend your Xmas holiday well not only with your family and friends, but also detailing.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

X'mas @ The Curve

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Meguiar's Malaysia on YouTube

Heya guys! I just found this out from YouTube, a compilation of the past Meguiar's Malaysia detailing clinic photos which were taken by me. Thanks to Matt Davies of Meguiar's (USA) for such great music video.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chris & May's Wedding




Sunday, December 09, 2007

Cup Cake Chic

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Outdoor Portrait

The weather had turned really fined and it's time for detailing and outdoor photography. So I took this opportunity to take some outdoor portraits at the TTDI park. Most shots were taken with two strobes diffused with umbrella. PocketWizard didn't disappoint me due to its 100% consistency.

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