Friday, May 22, 2009

(*) Specktacular!

The iPod Touch is more useful than I could ever imagine. Now I can read my Cisco eBooks on it wherever/whenever I am, surf web wherever there is WiFi, enjoy YouTube videos and much more without having to lug my heavy laptop along. Jailbreaking it will even further unlock more features.

Exterior build is high in quality and more than 95% of the surface area is glossy. This could also mean that it's so easily scratched if you're not careful with it. Also, it is impossible to keep it 100% fingerprint-free. I don't feel easy when the iPod is being used 'nakedly'.

So I Google up to find out which is the highly recommended protection case for the iPod and it turned out to be the Speck PixelSkin.

Several reasons why I choose this over other brands/designs:

- Silicon material prevents scratching the iPod
- Protects from bumps and scratches
- Snug fit
- Improves grip
- Funky design

I opt for the black color so it will look virtually clean all the time. It also comes in other colors such as Blueberry Blue, Sherbet Pink, Huckelberry Purple, Marshmallow White, Spearmint Green and Corncob Yellow. I also bought Capdase ScreenGuard (Crystal Clear) along with the Speck PixelSkin from Machines at Mid Valley. Overall I'm very pleased with the purchase.



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