Saturday, January 10, 2009


During my trip to Singapore, I dropped by TK Foto at Shaw Tower for a visit. My main purpose was to take a look at the latest bags by Think Tank Photo (StreetWalker series) and Lowepro (Classified AW series). None of them match my requirements so I looked around the shop and came across a selection of Gitzo tripods. I've never thought of owning a Gitzo tripod as the brand always gives me an impression that they're dead expensive. With the help of TK's staff, they recommended me GT1541T which is suitable for travel use. Its weight is merely 970g and 180 degree foldable to a length of just 42cm. Don't be fooled by its size as it can withstand 8kg of weight - Thanks to its 6X carbon fiber legs and the G-Lock system. The finishing is top class and is believed to last "almost" forever. I match this leg with a reasonably priced Manfrotto 486RC2 ballhead and the photo can be seen below. The total weight of this combination is 1.43kg. The Manfrotto 190MF3 without a ballhead is also in the photo for comparison.

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