Friday, November 07, 2008

Experience at Perodua HQ

Two weeks ago, I was assigned a task to perform network assessment at Perodua's HQ in Rawang. One of the few tasks involve studying the current network design and performing site survey throughout the whole campus. During the past few visits, I've visited the casting department, QC department, assembly department, R&D department etc...What's more interesting to me is today's visit. I get to enter the highly restricted area: Paint Shop. It's a huge multi-storey building with conveyor transporting the car chassis going through several areas. It's pretty exciting to watch the robots painting the car, workers performing spot corrections, and cars going through the high temperature oven. Walking in the paint shop is pretty risky, one will easily get into trouble if he/she is not careful. Since the conveyor keeps moving, car chassis keep moving too. For those car chassis which just came out from the oven, it's literally "freshly baked from oven". I can feel the heat even the car is about 50cm away from me. As I walked past the QC area, I noticed a few workers were doing spot sanding and compounding on a few chassis, probably to remove dust nibs. And guess what, I saw tonnes of Meguiar's products in their storeroom of the paint shop. Products which I saw are SOLO system and M80 Speed Glaze. What a great day!

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