Monday, November 17, 2008

Less Wisdom

I started to experience on and off gum infection a few weeks ago. That lead me to suspect that I had an impacted third molar (wisdom tooth) problem. Last week I went to the dentist when I couldn't stand the pain caused by the infection any longer. The X-Ray result showed that the lower left wisdom tooth is horizontally impacted, pushing against the tooth adjacent to it. The surgery couldn't be performed immediately due to the gum infection with pus.

The surgery was done about 4 hours ago. It took me about an hour to remove not only one, but two wisdom teeth. The problematic one is embedded deeply in the gum, requiring the tooth to be drilled, gum to be cut and plucking the remaining bits - sounds horrible isn't it? Thanks to the LA (Local Anesthesia), I don't feel a single pain at all, but my mouth is full of blood. Another wisdom tooth located at the upper left jaw took the dentist less than 5 mins to be plucked.

The reward from this surgery is 3 days of MC. Hopefully I get to make use of the free time to study and detail cars...LOL!


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