Wednesday, December 27, 2006


A buddy of mine scuffed his 1 year old black Vios today in his office car park. The rear door was scuffed against the pillar. He told me that usually he drives through that corner easily without sweat but somehow today is an unlucky day for him. He added that his car is no longer in perfect condition. This reminds me of being careful all the time and never take things for granted. The things which we do could be a routine job, but still it's worth to put in attention. Of course, nothing is perfect, but by putting our best effort in doing things will definitely make a difference.
Will take a look at his car on the weekend and see if compounding would help to relieve abit of his pain...


Yeah, though it's just a car, though it's just an Iswara, but nevertheless there were lots of memories left behind. From the first day of ownership which was way back in year 2000 (while I was still pursuing my bachelor degree) it never let me down. It never break down by the roadside and it never cost alot for maintenance. Enough said, here are some photos taken in the past (2nd July 2006) for rememberance...

Saturday, December 23, 2006


Yesterday's incident made me think alot. I realised that life is not just about work and play. It's about your relationship with the people around you, such as your family members, spouse, relatives and friends. A life wouldn't be meaningful without their existence. Sometimes they might have done something which offends you. If it's nothing serious, it's always good to forgive them and never keep in your heart. It's always too late to realise only after something happens. Each one of us has to realise it. I may tell you about it and encourage you to do it but I can't make you realise it!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Workshop Visit

Today I accompanied my dad to settle some document issues at the workshop which the Iswara was being towed to. The left side of the car was covered with a large sheet of plastic to prevent rain from wetting the interior of the car. I managed to take some closeup photos of that poor car.

The workshop promised to repair the car to as good condition as possible, which I doubt it would be safe to be driven. The painter even told me that they use ICI paint, LOL!

Lucky Escape

It was about 5:30PM and I just got up into my Vios, almost leaving my customer's office in KL. Suddenly my dad called me and told me some car accident happened. At first I thought he was stucked in a jam which was due to an accident but after talking abit more on the phone only I found out that he was involved in an accident.

What happened was, when my dad turned into our neighbourhood while the traffic light was green. Out of a sudden, another Iswara was speeding like about 80km/h and just hit our Iswara's left side. There was no sign of brake at all as that bas3rd was beating the traffic light. Right after the Iswara was banged, it spun 180 degrees, went up the kerb and hit the other car which was waiting at the traffic light. Both left side glasses were broken, rear tyres were punctured, rear wheels were deformed and the B pillar collapsed badly.

My sister was sitting in front, her spectacles and lecture notes flew out of the window after the glass was shattered. The impact was really huge. Below are the photos of the bas3rd's Iswara.

Apparently, that bas3rd was driving extremely fast on that stretch of road which has 2 traffic lights very near to each other. The first one could be green and right before he reached the second one (where accident happens), his phone rang and he was digging out his phone from his pocket without noticing the traffic light was red. A small mistake which almost robbed both my dad and sister's life. Thank God that both of their medical reports show that they are in good condition, besides some bruises. More photos of the our poor Iswara...

Some brief history about our Iswara. This car is 6 years and 4 months old. It has never met with any road accident before with careful use except some minor dents. The paintwork was still in good condition and the wheel well was as clean as a showroom unit. Initially I planned to wash, clay, polish and wax this car over the long weekend. What a waste...the car clocked a mileage of 63,000km yesterday. Anyway, I hope everyone drives carefully especially during the festive season. There are many red light beaters these days so WATCH before you go even if the traffic light turns green. Majority of the Malaysians still have poor mentality on the road. Lastly, remember this bas3rd who caused this havoc...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Skill Polishing

Last week's claying activity left lots of swirls on the paintwork. It wasn't that visible one week ago right after I put on the Fusso Coat. After a week of rain, the swirls are revealed. It was much noticeable while I was pumping petrol last night, under the mercury lighting.

Since I haven't been using my Makita for such a long time, so I gave it a try on the boot after the car wash. To my surprise, those horrible swirls came out easily at 600rpm using M82 with W-9006. This shows how soft the paint is. It's a good thing since the mission is to get rid of those swirls. The downside is, very mild holograms were instilled. Note that this sort of holograms aren't visible under the sun for silver color paintwork. The amount of reflected light is simply too much. That's not the case for black color paintwork.

I don't face hologram problems with M82/W-9006 when working on the Iswara and the Accord. I also don't face swirls when I clay both of these two cars. This shows that how soft Toyota's paintwork is...