Monday, December 04, 2006

Skill Polishing

Last week's claying activity left lots of swirls on the paintwork. It wasn't that visible one week ago right after I put on the Fusso Coat. After a week of rain, the swirls are revealed. It was much noticeable while I was pumping petrol last night, under the mercury lighting.

Since I haven't been using my Makita for such a long time, so I gave it a try on the boot after the car wash. To my surprise, those horrible swirls came out easily at 600rpm using M82 with W-9006. This shows how soft the paint is. It's a good thing since the mission is to get rid of those swirls. The downside is, very mild holograms were instilled. Note that this sort of holograms aren't visible under the sun for silver color paintwork. The amount of reflected light is simply too much. That's not the case for black color paintwork.

I don't face hologram problems with M82/W-9006 when working on the Iswara and the Accord. I also don't face swirls when I clay both of these two cars. This shows that how soft Toyota's paintwork is...