Monday, November 20, 2006

Rain Rain Rain!

I guess every detailing enthusiast is facing the same problem: Rain! Do you have the experience that each time you think you have the time to wash your car, and suddenly the sky turns dark and just rain? Worst thing is while you're washing half way, it rains! Not only your car is left half washed, you're being showered too! And this case goes on for days, weeks and months. Until the rain water doesn't bead at all on your paintwork.

The current weather really pushes me to apply the aforementioned Soft99 Fusso Coat fluorocarbon-based wax. It was a lucky wash on the Iswara just now. I managed to park the car under the porch right before it started to rain again. I took my own sweet time to dry up the car and started to clay the roof and bonnet. The paint instantly turned into silky smooth again without much effort. After that, I applied the Fusso Coat wax. The chemical has very strong smell. The product feels like cloudy water, similar to Autoglym's Extra Gloss Protection, hence spreading the product across the paint surface was a breeze. The mild cleaning solvent cleans up the paint at the same time, turning my Meguiar's Hi-Tech Foam Applicator into solid black color.

I let it cure for about 15 minutes due to humid weather. Buffing off with a piece of Meguiar's Ultimate Wipe was as easy as buffing off NXT Tech Wax and M21 Synthetic Sealant. The surface feels slick and glossier. Though I've received reports from other users of Soft99 Fusso Coat saying that the wax beads the paintwork months after months, but I still need to monitor and judge it by myself. Since the Iswara is always left outdoor and being showered frequently, it should be fair enough to justify the beading durability.


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