Sunday, February 04, 2007

From Phillippines with Shine

I received an email from my blog reader, Benji who is from Philippines describing his great effort on his nice red Mazda. A big thank you for his words and pictures. This is what he had done on his car:

  1. Wash - Polyglaze Car Shampoo
  2. Clay - Mothers Clay Bar, Eagle One QD
  3. Glaze - 3M Machine Glaze Pre-Wax, Makita 9227C, 3M Waffle Pad
  4. Clean - Mothers Ph1 Pre-Wax Cleaner, Bosch GEX-150AC, Meguiar's W8006 Polishing Pad
  5. Seal - Fusso Coat
  6. Wax - Meguiar's M26 High-Tech Yellow Wax