Thursday, January 18, 2007

Midnight Worker

To those of you who view my blog, I really appreciate alot. Unfortunately I had been too tied down with work lately. My working time is now from morning till midnight and earliest I go back home is 1am, including the weekends. I haven't got the chance to wash my Vios for a month and I can only afford to wipe down the glasses daily. A recent visit to YSKhong revealed that my rear fixed axle beam is out of alignment. The left one is toe-in by 0.7deg while the right one is toe-out by 2deg! Now I need to pay Toyota a visit and start to make complain about this. :(

Anyhow, the Myvi is coming tomorrow. Quite excited over it, just wish to have it cleaned nicely and put on a layer of Soft99 Fusso Coat. Paintwork polishing shall only be done when the first 'batch' of swirls have come in after you know Myvi's paintwork is ultra thin.


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