Sunday, April 09, 2006

Quality Yet Affordable DIY Wash

If you're a serious detailing enthusiast, most probably you'll be the one doing car washing by yourself. The reason being you get to choose quality shampoo, quality microfiber cloth and more importantly you get the best result out from your own dedicated hardwork. No one out there will love your ride as much as yourself (trust me), unless you're going for high-end detailing shop.

One of my favourite shampoos is the Meguiar's Gold Class Shampoo & Conditioner. It offers gentle yet effective cleaning action, plus its lubricity will minimise car wash swirls. Now, the good news is the 1 gallon (128oz) is available at a reasonable price of RM107.00. It's available at U Parkson (1 Utama). Usually I use 3oz of shampoo mixed with 3 gallons of water. This will translate into RM2.50 per wash [107/(128/3)]. It's still alot cheaper than any other car washes you could find out there.

Usually I will pour the 128oz shampoo into the 64oz shampoo bottle to ease my pouring during car wash. If possible, try to get a spout and a funnel to avoid spill.

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