Friday, March 10, 2006

Stock Selection

I was given a privilege by my Toyota sales advisor to choose a unit when the stock arrives. Three units of silver Vios arrived yesterday at the showroom and I went to have a look today. This is what I observed...

First Unit:
  • Already washed, being displayed at the showroom.

  • Certain panels have buffer holograms.

  • Half foot key-scratch-type of scratch on the front left fender, can be felt by finger nail.

  • Serious tree sap damage on bonnet, can be felt by touching.

Second Unit:
  • Stored in the basement carpark.

  • Rain water spotting.

  • Dried up polish residue on trunk lid.

  • Buffer holograms on ALL panels.

Third Unit:
  • Stored in the basement carpark.

  • Rain water spotting.

  • Buffer holograms on ALL panels.

  • Typical ceiling leakage water spots on car roof.

Every new car in the stockyard has the buffer holograms, which I suspect it was done in the Toyota factory. I would say Toyota is really POOR in prepping up the car before delivering to the dealers. I've also issued a request to the branch manager - asking them not to wash the car at all. Due to my transport difficulties, I ended up choosing the Second Unit. I will perform the following steps once I receive the car:

M6000 (To remove dried up polish residue)

*Surface inspection was illuminated with the aid of Inova T2 torch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing is perfect... choose the one you really like will do.

11:27 PM  
Blogger Zey said...

Hi anonymous, you're right about "nothing is perfect". In detailing world, accepting imperfection and "live with it" are part of the criterias. This is the time when detailing skill comes in handy. Cheers!

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see that you are one super fussy person towards choosing a car! I'm just wondering how fussy you can be in choosing a girl. She needs to be well detailed as well? Do post a pic up!

Cheers mate!

6:29 PM  
Blogger Zey said...

Hey anonymous, cars and girls are incomparable. Choosing a girl includes accepting her personality, her character, her behaviour...her everything. I think choosing a car is so much easier than choosing a girl!

Surely I'll try to capture some photos once I get the car. Cheers!

11:53 PM  
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