Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tips #3: How to Prevent Scratches on Windscreen?

Have you noticed some car windscreens have massive amount of RIDS (Random Isolated Deep Scratches) and wiper scratches? Most probably yes, especially if you're sitting inside the car at night with oncoming glaring headlamps. Glass is much harder than paint, eventhough it doesn't get scratched easily but it still can be scratched. Once it's scratched, it is very hard to be removed. However, there are some glass polishing experts around who are able to remove/reduce those scratches using Cerium Oxide on proper tools. Poor glass polishing skill will result in swirls/holograms, which is even worse than the initial condition.

So, instead of curing, why not preventing? It's even better for new car owners to start with a flawless piece of windscreen. For those who are suffering from bad condition windscreens, go insure your windscreen, break it, and claim a new one. Haha...just joking. Alright, here are some tips:

1) Wipe your glass as frequent as you can, best if daily. Use a piece of clean damp microfiber cloth with glass cleaner such as Meguiar's NXT Glass Cleaner. Becareful of areas around wiper blades which usually trap alot of sand, tiny stones and dust.

2) Do NOT turn on your wiper when it's dry. Also try to avoid using windscreen washer when it's dry. The initial sweep might cause scratches due to dirt and high friction between wiper blades and glass.

3) Remove bird dropping with plenty of water, NOT by rubbing it off with just a piece of damp cloth. Bird droppings could contain sand particles which will scratch the glass badly.

4) Inspect your wiper blades time to time. Make sure the blades are intact and the metal frame is not in contact with the glass. Replace harden/worn blades if necessary.

5) When claying glass, make sure the clay is clean and apply minimal pressure with plenty of diluted shampoo as lubricant.

6) If you have glue residue on your windscreen, do not rub away with force. Instead, apply products like Goo Gone or even Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover to remove the glue residue with ease.

7) If you wish to tint your glass, choose reputable shops with good workmanship. Often their way of cleaning glass might scratch the glass.

8) Avoid using newspaper to clean the glass. Unlike microfiber cloth with buffer zone, newspaper will drag whatever dirt on the surface and cause scratches.

The above tips will not guarantee scratch-free windscreen, but it'll lessen the probability of getting scratches on your windscreen. Hope you enjoy driving behind a crystal clear glass which gives you perfect vision for added safety.


Anonymous Hui said...

Hello. RichX told me where you live online. I drew you a car.


:D :D :D

3:06 AM  
Blogger Zey said...

Hello Hui, thank you for visiting where I live online. Your super aerodynamically designed car is cool, just that I'm wondering what are those red swirling effect on the paintwork? =P

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Hui said...

Oh do you like my car? The design hasn't changed since I first drew cars when I was 3, or something. German engineers don't seem to think it's so hot.

The swirls are due to bad polishing. Because before SOMEBODY's blog, nobody told me in such detail how to prevent scratches. If you look carefully, the car has some "skin problems" too. Oh woe is me.

9:58 PM  
Blogger Zey said...

To be frank, I love your car design very much, though others might not like it. The flat panels allow easy machine buffing process, hence reducing holograms or buffer burn marks. Keep it up, if you don't mind, I'll pass your design to BMW or Mercedes Benz to make this design in production.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Car Cleaning said...

Some great advice, scratches in glass and especially the windscreen can be a real nightmare to get rid of so in these case I'd agree prevention is better than cure!

6:43 PM  
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