Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tips #2: How Long Can The Shine Last?

Before most car owners decide to send their car for detailing job, the most common question is "How long can the shine last?". Somehow they are trying to figure out how worthy and how good quality the detailing job is so that they don't have to do it again soon. Again, those pure businessmen start to give a firm answer such as "18 months shine guarantee*". However, if you read properly, there's an asterisk in the quote. Lots of terms and conditions are applied due to some reasons.

There are many factors which can determine how long the shine can last. The list is below:

1) Paint quality - A good paintwork will be able to withstand the environment attacks better.

2) Detailing workmanship - If defects are permanently and safely removed, the shine will be solid. If the defects are hiden/covered by the glaze or wax, it will last just a few washes.

3) Detailing products quality - Good quality wax or sealant will stay on the finish for a longer period, acting as a sacrificial barrier against the environment attacks.

4) Washing frequency - By getting rid of the dirt from sitting on top of the finish as soon as possible, the finish is safe from etchings. Of course having a proper wash is a must, else you'll get all the swirls/scratches.

5) Waxing frequency - Wax or sealant shall be replenished at least once a month for our weather. However, prior to waxing, the finish must be clean and smooth, else you'll be sealing the dirt into the paint.

6) Parking location - Where you park your car is very important. If you park under the trees (with tree saps and bird droppings) most of the time, chances are your paint will deteriorate much faster than you expect. However, if you park your car in a close environment (such as basement parking), maintaining the finish will be a breeze.

7) Daily route - If you drive by construction sites often, your car might suffer from cement splatter, cement dust attacks, mud etching, road tar sticking, etc...

8) Usage frequency - If you keep your car at home in a garage 24X7, you don't have to maintain much. Just a weekly washing will keep the car in better-than-showroom condition.

There are many more factors which determine how long the shine can last. For those for wish to send their ride to shops for detailing, I would suggest them to either:

a) Pick up the yearly maintenance package. This means that the detailing shop will provide a weekly wash, monthly waxing kind of package which will sum up to be cheaper than individual jobs.

b) DIY. Yes! Pick up detailing as a hobby! It's not that hard and it doesn't cost much to do so. All you need is just an hour a week to wash your car, plus around two hours a month to wax your car. The self-satisfaction could be priceless - you could never buy that feeling.

Conclusion: There are no shortcuts in detailing world. If you want your car to be in tip top condition, there's always a price to pay.


Anonymous macdude said...

Excellent explanation m8! Now I can just link my customers here!!! LOL Sure saves me a lot of explanation ;-)

As always am very impressed with your enthusiasm in sharing and educating ppl on the art of detailing!


10:47 PM  
Blogger Zey said...

Hey macdude, it's really an honour to have you reading my blog. Sharing is always the best thing we could get especially when we're living in an information technology age. Thanks for the knowledge transferred from you...=)

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Car Cleaning said...

'Technically' the shine should last forever if the surface is regularly and properly maintained

11:41 PM  
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