Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Complete Makeover

I spend about 13 hours on the complete makeover of my car. Whatever acid rain pitting or pimples or water mark etching or deep scratches are all gone. The following steps were taken:
I even debadged my car for easier polishing and waxing in future, but it took me very long to remove the double-sided tape residue.
However, one bad thing happened. After I finished wiping off polishing residue on the roof, while I get down from the stool, my knee knocked the door and dented the panel slightly. What a miserable moment and it's my first time to dent a car, furthermore is my own car. I should blame Hyundai for having such a soft metal sheet.


Blogger Kevster said...

Ahhhh.....finally! Now you finally understand surface prep!!!

9:18 AM  
Blogger Zey said...

Yeahhhh! I should have compounded my car long time ago! Sigh...still heartache with the door dent...=( =)

9:21 AM  
Blogger Kevster said...

Bro, think of the dent as part of the learning curve.....ekekeke but you could always give Dr. Dent a call....

10:53 AM  
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