Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Detailing Speed

The wound on my hand has recovered tremendously, I'm able to detail cars now. Yesterday I washed the Iswara (which was not washed for 3 weeks), and it didn't take me too long - just 1 hour. Thanks to the M21 Synthetic Sealant which managed to seal up the paint for added protection. Today I wash the Getz and it turned out well too within an hour.

I notice that the speed of detailing is important. It's even more crucial for detailing centers. Time is money. Being fast could lead to two outputs:
  • poor quality - cutting corners
  • excellent result - complete steps taken

Definitely a good quality detailer will choose the second output to maintain the reputation. However, it takes lots of practices to do things fast yet accurate, just like a skillful pianist. Each task needs to be planned properly, and performed without hesitation. I believe this will cut down the time and fatigue...Customers will be happier too.


Anonymous Car Cleaning said...

It can be very had to find that harmonious balance between conducting a proper detailing job, yet not spending too long on a customers car so as to eat into your profits.

10:22 PM  

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