Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rotary Buffer Practice

It's one of the worst rain I've ever encountered on ELITE highway today. Barely I could see cars which are beyond 50m in front of me. As a compact car owner, I wouldn't dare to even drive above 60km/h at that time. Ran over a puddle of water, whole car get aqua-planned. It still happens eventhough I'm running on 195/50R15 Falken Azenis ST-115 rubbers. By considering the two 'monsoon drain' groove on the threads, it should have provided sufficient water dispersion capability. Anyhow...I just found out that there are more wiper scratches on the glass during the rainy season. No matter how careful I am (Wipe clean daily), I still get it.

I'm considered lucky that the rain paused a while, long enough for me to wash down the Iswara. Once I rinsed down the shampoo, it started to drizzle again. Here comes the good part about the newly installed awning. I get full coverage! Slowly I take my own sweet time to dry up the car...Haha. After dinner, I proceed to clay up the bonnet prior to polish it up with M83 Dual Action Cleaner/Polish using rotary buffer and W-8006 Polishing Pad. Guess what? Under 10 seconds, I managed to produce a much clearer paint. Lots of bumps, pimples are gone! Reflection increased tremendously with undistorted object reflection. Another 2-3 passes further improved the smoothness. It took me almost an hour to finish up the whole bonnet including sealing it up with M21 Synthetic Sealant.

Now I feel much more confident in handling a rotary buffer. It's easy once you get the hang of it, and practice makes perfect. I don't get anymore product splatters, premature product dry-up, excessive dust residue, very little holograms and buffer burn. Really a good session!


Blogger Sher Win said...

Can't wait to get mine! Muahaha

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Car Detailing said...

One of the most essential things with rotary machine polishing is that you take the time to actually learn how to use it! It may sound obvious but so many people just pick one up and go to town on a cars paintwork with disastrous results. The amount of times I've had to correct paintwork that has been abused with a rotary and aggressive compound using my dual action polisher I wouldn't care to mention - practice makes perfect :)

1:45 AM  
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