Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fully Covered

Finally the most practical stuff has arrived my house today - polycarbonate awning. The original car porch roof length just isn't sufficient to cover the new Accord. The boot always suffer from rain water, causing lots of water spots.




Nicely covered...

It was such a hassle for this installation. It took 4 hours to complete the job. Metal cutting and grinding causes lots of metal dust to fly around and land onto the car. Even the concrete drilling also made all the cars at home covered in thick dust. I'm not too sure whether the metal dust or concrete dust caused any damage to the paintwork, but after the car wash, I started to notice common solvent popping problem on the boot and the roof. It wasn't there last Friday night after car wash. It looks as if tiny raised spots like pimples on the clearcoat surface, randomly. And yeah, it's finally on my dad's car. It could be also due to several hours of exposure to the sun, causing the trapped solvent to pop out from the surface.

Not only that frustrating thing, but also after washing up my car, I noticed a new deep door dent! Really have no idea where I got it. Anyway, it's the 3rd dent on my car after almost 2 years. Not that bad, maybe after 6 years, I have only 9 dents on the car. Haha...

It's time to practice more on rotary machine and get myself to compound down the Accord to remove orange peel and irritating solvent popping. Lousy Honda paintjob!


Anonymous Car Cleaning said...

Nice practical little idea there! Looks like it provides the perfect extension just to completely cover your car. Oh and washing your car to discover dents you thought never existed - we've all been there! I blame people with trolleys in car parks!

1:56 AM  
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