Friday, October 21, 2005

Honda - The Powerless of Dreams

Getting more and more frustrated with the quality of Honda cars. Today, I found out the paint on the rear number plate holder flaked! Upon closer inspection, it's due to the friction between the uneven edged number plate and the painted number plate holder. This is how it looks like:

Note the rough edge of the number plate:

My Honda salesman agreed to redo a new set of number plates (flat surface type) for replacement. So I took some time to remove the existing number plate and get rid of the adhesive. It was quite PITA to remove'em. Mainly, I use Autoglym Intensive Tar Remover and Meguiar's Scratch-X to get the job done.

It takes about 20 mins to accomplish. After that, I carefully peel away the paint flake. To my surprise, beneath the paint, it is actually chromed plastic surface! This explains why paint can't adhere to the surface strong enough. Slight impact will peel off the paint. I touched up the chip using some spare paint and toothpick, it doesn't look good, but at least it covers the chrome surface.

Had ordered the new set of number plates this afternoon, will get it tomorrow. Conclusion is DO NOT buy a Honda if quality is your concern.


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