Monday, November 07, 2005

Unidentified Overspray Object (UOO)

I couldn't believe that I didn't detail any cars during the 7 days long break. My car was left unwashed for 11 days to be exact. It went through over 600kms of mileage since the last wash. Being uncomfortable, I got the chance to wash it this evening after work. It took me 1 hour 10 mins to complete a simple wash and dry activity. It looked flawless under evening low light condition. Here's a tiny glimpse of the sleek look.

As usual, nothing can be hidden under the fluorescent light. Immediately I spotted tonnes of tiny white specs on the roof! Wait, not only that, the recently-clayed bonnet and windscreen were also covered with those tiny white specs! Not much on the vertical surfaces and there's none at the rear windscreen. From this, I suspect that the finish was contaminated while driving. These tiny white specs are quite stubborn, fingernails might be able to get rid a few, but it'll take a zillion years. Without wasting much time, I proceeded with clay. Luckily these white specs were removed after a few gentle careful passes. It took me about 45 mins just to clay the whole roof and 15 mins to finish up with the front windscreen.

After that, I then applied M82 Swirl Free Polish with DA machine to remove mild swirls and topped up with M21 Synthetic Sealant. A very fine thin layer of M21 prevents from patchy problem. Everything took me an extra 2.5 hours and the bonnet was still untouched! Guess I have to do it after the next round of car wash. Till now, I still have no idea what are those tiny white specs...UOO...


Anonymous Car Cleaning said...

'UOO' haha ;)

10:23 PM  
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