Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dare to Buff

Weather had been quite bad lately and yesterday was the worst. After a thorough wash I proceed with clay on the bonnet. Unfortunately, I guess the clay picked up some dirt and it scratched the surface. Without waiting any further, I pulled out the rotary buffer and applied M80 with W-8006. Within seconds, those scratches are gone but some paint defects were still there. By going more aggressive, I applied M83 with W-8006 for a few passes and most of the paint defects were gone. To remove some buffer swirls, I applied M80 with W-8006 using a DA, 90% were gone. To make the finish clearer, I applied M82 with W-9006. Lastly, I topped it up with M21 using DA. Left for 20 minutes, I buffed away with UW. It took me about 3 hours just on the bonnet. However, this is just a practice session and I spend alot of time to observe the finish after each pass of product using my Inova T2.


Reflection of the light

The 3 brothers involved

Detailing toolbox


Anonymous jedi said...

Hello zey

You've got a great site. Very informative on car care. I too own an Accord 2.0 (May 2005). I read with great interest the manner in which you solve the pimple problem - by using the buff with those chemical/wax. My bonnet too suffers not from pimples but scratches - not that serious but enough to annoy my sight. Your equipment buff and the 3 brothers looks professional. Can i know how much it cost? whether its worth for me to buy or just send my car to the paint shop?

7:22 PM  
Blogger Zey said...

Hello jedi, thanks for reading my blog. The products I use are mainly from Meguiar's professional line which is not available on the shelf. They're designed specifically to be used with rotary buffers and random orbital buffer. All of these equipments and products add up to a value of more than RM2000. Besides the cost, what is more important is the skill. Slight error in handling the machine will cause serious damage to the paintwork. Honda has very soft/thin paint and it scratches and chips easily. As for swirls and scratches, repainting is not the way to go due to a few issues. Most painter in Malaysia will instill lots of buffer swirls when they deliver the car to you due to their poor machine handling. Also, to get a finish which is as smooth as factory paint, it costs more than RM500 to be done properly. This is where detailing's role come in. I can recommend some good shops to get your Accord done nicely if you require so. Cheers.

8:56 PM  
Anonymous jedi said...

Heelo again

Thanks for the info. Pretty expensive hobby u got there. Anyway will get back to you on the shops when the sratches on my Accord get on my nerves ;)

5:59 AM  
Blogger Zey said...

Hello jedi, on short term, it might sound expensive. These stuffs could easily last me more than 10 years and can be used on many cars (I maintain 3 cars at home). This saves me at least RM700/year/car in order to have tip top paint condition over 10 years. Best thing is I get to choose the top quality products, something like having home cooked food. =) Feel free to contact me at if you require further details.

11:39 AM  
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