Sunday, January 22, 2006

CNY minidetailing

Finally I get to find some time to try out the cutting pad (W7006). It wasn't that hard to use as long as I prime the pad with 2 shots of M34 Final Inspection. Though I can feel more friction, but I didn't experience buffer hopping. This time I tried it on the front right wheel fender, which has lots of pinholes/pittings.

M21/Foam Applicator/Hand

Total Time: 1.5 hour

The first step cuts the surface safely and evenly, without leaving the typical wool pad mark. The pinholes/pittings are gone after 2 applications. Usually W8006 pad will require about 4-6 applications to achieve the same result. However, this step left quite alot of holograms. Step 2 managed to remove about 90% of the holograms leaving light swirls. Finally, Step 3 left a very clear and swirl-free finish as you can see in the photo below. The finish looks so black and flawless - Only showing the reflection of the halogen work lamp.

Overall I feel satisfied with this practice session, but I know it's taking a very long time to perfect it. Without the halogen work lamp, it could take much longer time.


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