Monday, January 16, 2006

M21 Cleaning Ability

The Iswara is parked outdoor most of the time, so it receives alot of rainfall and sunshine. Also, it's used daily but only wash once a week. With this kind of usage, the paint collects dirt very quickly especially during rainy season. I gave it a wash today and found out some stubborn dirt film on the bonnet. By knowing that M21 contains very mild cleaning agent, I gave it a quick application by using ROB with a microfiber pad on the bonnet. Now the paint looks clean and shiny again. Check out the condition of the MF pad after just a pass of M21 and you'll be able to imagine how much of dirt being baked into the paint under the sun...


Anonymous Car Detailing said...

That's amazing the level of ingrained dirt it had removed. It's one thing cleaning with your eyes but there's always dirt that your eyes can't see even when it looks clean and here's the ultimate proof!

12:16 AM  

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