Monday, February 13, 2006

Balanced Life

I know for those of you who takes care of your car like a garage queen often spend alot of time in detailing it nicely. For newbies, it involves lots of readings and practices when they just started to pickup this hobby. They could be addicted too. As for serious enthusiasts, they will also spend lots of time achieving swirl-free finishes using machine. Nobody says detailing is easy. The more you practice, the better you are. However, for those detailing enthusiasts who spend too much time and effort in maintaining their car would have killed up their quality time spent with their family, partners and friends. Most probably they wouldn't even want to drive their car out after finished detailing. Isn't it suffering?

Now, think for awhile and ask yourself what's the purpose of detailing? It's supposed to restore the condition of the car after being used right? Yes, it is. It's the before-after-look which gives you the "wow" feeling. Certainly driving a nicely detailed car around the city would be head turning, but this kind of situation involves too much of sacrifice on a daily driven car. How well your car shines reflects how much time and effort you're willing to put in. If you're seriously lacking of time in detailing, don't worry. All of us would still respect and admire you as a detailer, always with the hidden spirit of detailing...

"It's not about how shiny your car is, it's about how you shine your car"


Anonymous Kit said...

you got the point

7:02 PM  
Blogger Alvin Teoh said...

Speechless. Bravo man.
That is what my heart want to say.
From beginning till end, it really reflect how I felt. Escpecially the end part, "respect and admire as a detailer". Wow that really touches me bro.

12:08 AM  
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