Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Good Bye Getz

After posessing her for exactly 26 months (7th January 2004 - 7th March 2006), today is the day I leave her. All of a sudden I feel sad and down...because this Getz had given me so much of memories and also provided me a very steep learning curve in detailing. Without her, I wouldn't have picked up machine polishing and I wouldn't have known how hard to achieve a truly swirl-free finish on a solid black paintwork. Eventhough at times I faced difficulties, but it's all worth the trouble for gaining such experience. Many thanks to Hypercoat employees who are always willing to share technical knowledge with me. Now...I'm wondering how's she doing...it's cold and wet out there...and she's always pampered with covered parking...weekly wash...monthly waxing...quarterly polishing...Wishing all the best to her and her new owner. =)


Anonymous kit said...

I miss her alot too...

12:11 AM  
Anonymous The new owner Of The GetZ said...

Muahahaha I have already torture the getZy! Behold Of my evil-ness muahahaha!

Actualy Condition:
Oh man it took me 2 hours to fully clean it up. My frens are thinking i am nutZ.

To the previous owner of my GetZ:
Hey no worries man the most is i leave it under the rain for like arr 2 weeks.
kekekeke No lerr i keep it very clean.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Zey said...

Hey you! You better take care of her well as many people are aware of that Getz! Furthermore it carries the striking Meguiar's sticker...Cleaning the car for 2 hours is normal. My record was 13 hours of complete detailing. =) Take care of her like how you take care of yourself. =P

10:51 AM  
Anonymous car cleaning said...

Not bad little cars these - I've cleaned many of them...

12:01 AM  
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