Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tips #4: Why Not to Park Under The Trees?

Your car might enjoy the shade while it's being parked under the trees, but have you ever thought of the potential damages? Some points below will give you some brief ideas why car detailing enthusiasts never choose to park under the trees.

  1. Trees Collapse - Recently a row of trees were uprooted along the road in front of my office due to a mini-typhoon. Quite a few cars were badly damaged due to the broken branches. One of the worst damages you'll ever get from trees.
  2. Tree Saps - A kind of fine mist released from the trees. Once it settles on the paintwork, it'll create tree sap etch mark within a short time. Sometimes compounding will not help at all because the sap had etched deep down to the basecoat. Imagine this happens all over the paintwork.
  3. Bird Droppings - It's their favorite hang-out and bombing place. The acidity of bird droppings depends on what the bird ate before this. Some contains fine sand which will scratch your paintwork while you're trying to remove it in a wrong way. The outdoor heat will accelerate the etching process and most of the time the damage is just too serious to be salvaged.
  4. Leafs and Flowers - It makes your car looks greener and more environmental friendly but these stuffs will damage your paintwork if the surface is wet. If you've found these all over your car, hand pick it as soon/much as possible before it starts to rain.

If your car is maintained often, you wouldn't face pre-mature ageing eventhough you park it under the sun daily. What you can do is to...

  1. Wash at least once a week (Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner/ Meguiar's NXT Generation Car Wash)
  2. Wax at least once a month (Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax/ Meguiar's M21 Synthetic Sealant)
  3. Apply interior rubber/vinyl protectant once a month (Meguiar's NXT Tech Protectant)
  4. Apply exterior rubber/vinyl protectant fortnightly (Meguiar's Gold Class Trim Detailer)


Anonymous detailing said...

NEVER a good idea to park under a tree if at all possible!

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, i still think part under a tree is good idea, nowadays when you park your car outside especially working hours, the sunlight around 12 ~ 3pm is so hot, it will melt your car internal wire & plastics... so just don't park under a tree but just park 1 meter away to the tree is better.

11:43 PM  

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