Thursday, April 20, 2006

Avoiding FREE Wash

Detailing enthusiasts never like conventional car wash offered by normal car wash center or service center. Some of the car service centers such as Toyota and Honda throw in FREE car wash especially if the car is undergoing free car maintenance scheme. Usually those car wash services will instill lots of swirls and scratches due to unskilled personnel. Poor quality washing tools such as dirty sponges and rags will also scour the finish quickly.

I have friends who tried reminding those service centers NOT to wash their cars, but still ended up with washes. I learned a method from Autopia to display a note on the dashboard so that people who work on the car knows that washing isn't required on my car (in two languages). I've even laminated it for use in long run...


Anonymous detailing said...

Yes it's always worth adding a notice like this whenever your car goes to the dealer to prevent all your hard work being undone!

12:07 AM  

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