Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Long Time No Buff

Last month, I promised myself to give my Vios a good buff after my exam. I'm done with another paper today, so I'm extremely happy and in good mood. Back from work earlier today and started to detail in the evening. I haven't been polishing the Vios for almost 2.5 years, since the first day of ownership. Here goes the job scope:

- Wash
- Clay (Bonnet/Roof/Boot)
- Dry
- M82/W8006/RB (Bonnet/Roof/Boot)
- M16/Hand

Duration: 5 hours

Though there wasn't much cutting being done, but the before-and-after effect is obvious enough, at least for me. Majority of the 'pimples' are removed, left behind those deeper etchings. Those "pimples" will come back again probably in next few months time, due to paintwork problem. This phenomena is not seen on both the Accord and Myvi paintwork. Alright, the rest of the panels will be done probably after next exam. There're some road tars on the lower door panels to be cleared...



Blogger louiskart said...

Thats a move to pamper your car time to time, surely it will last longer and make you smile every time you see your car very shiny good job on your blog

10:39 AM  
Anonymous buffing pads said...

I can't imagine buffing for more than 5 hours :)

5:09 AM  

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