Friday, November 30, 2007


Had been escaping from KL working at Kota Kinabalu for the past few days. With much less working pressure and relaxing environment, it's more like a leisure trip. Generally people go back home from work around 5:30PM as the sun sets at around 6PM.

It's definitely the right time to visit KK now as it's the first time Sabah hosting the F2000 World Cup Powerboat Race at the Waterfront. Just opposite of where I stayed, Le Meridien Hotel. Too bad, I'm back to KL even before they started the event, from 1st to 2nd Dec.

The famous Filipino Market is also located opposite the hotel. It features vendors selling traditional handicrafts, souveniers, as well as woodstuffs. This is the colorful outlook of the market.

And the bench along the walkway of the market. I managed to capture it without having anyone sitting on it.

One of the stalls specializing pearls. They do have a branch at KL Sentral, but selling at a much higher price. I had a hard time choosing as there're just too many varieties.

I like the way this cheeky monkey staring into my lens :P

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