Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Vios

I think I haven't really been properly taking any photos of my own ride before. There was a truck which came fogging this evening so this exercise forced me to wash my quite-clean-ride. Washed with Meguiar's Shampoo Plus and tyres shined with Meguiar's Insane Shine, nothing fancy. Wanted to do some simple detailing but it's quite hard for me to sustain the Makita with my injured arm. So here it goes...Click HERE for more pics.

Canon EOS30D, EF24-105mm F/4L IS USM, 580EX (2 units), ST-E2, Manfrotto 052B, Bowens 36" Silver/White Umbrella, Hansa tripod.

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Anonymous young photographer said...

wow pretty cool. all this in the porch? amazing!

7:28 PM  
Blogger Zey said...

Thanks! Yes, all done at the porch. How I wish I have a car studio. LOL!

7:59 PM  
Anonymous young photographer said...

haha. remember the strobist post on that one guy who softbox-ed cars in the blackhawk museum? who knows, you might be mentioned in strobist too ;)

sorry to hear about the accident. get well soon ! :)

8:57 PM  
Blogger Zey said...

Aiks, guess mine are not as good as that hehe. Thanks for your concern. :)

10:12 PM  
Anonymous young photographer said...

hey again. after pixelpeeping my photos, i could not bear the loss of sharpness and CA caused by my kit lens, so i finally obtained the great 17-40 f4l :D was considering the 17-85 again, but then it couldn't be used with film and collects dust. still getting used to the weight and focus rings

7:37 PM  
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