Monday, July 09, 2007

Bike Hit

"Most Malaysian road users have zero road safety knowledge and awareness", said the doctor while I was in his clinic room. We talked about this topic after I told him that my injury on my right arm was due to a direct hit from a motorcyclist while I was crossing the road along Jalan Gereja (near Masjid Jamek LRT station). It was a two-lane one-way road and that blardy motorcyclist came from the other (right side) direction. While I was crossing the road, my attention was paid on my left side as that's the "right" oncoming traffic direction. Suddenly I felt an impact on my right arm and only noticed that it was due to a motorcycle crashing into me. I tried to avoid and lost balance and fell onto middle of the road. Luckily there wasn't any oncoming traffic, else I wouldn't be able to continue this blog. :D The bas3rd fell too with his bike pressing on him.

"Kenapa tak tengok sebelum jalan!? (Why didn't you watch before you cross!?)", said the bas3rd. I was very angry with his accusation as he's wrong in the first place. It seems that most Malaysians love to blame the other party eventhough they know they're wrong. Immediately I took out my handphone wanted to jot down his registration number but my handphone was accidentally shut off when I fell. Luckily my colleague had his pen and paper ready. Remember, it's BGV 5506. I screwed him back and I guess that's the time he only realised that he was wrong. This bas3rd told me that he works with AEON Credit along Jalan Raja Chulan and he gave me his handphone number. He added that I can log a police report if I wish to.

Looking at the hassle which I had to go through, plus I have to reach my customer site ASAP, I only spent about 20 minutes at the clinic nearby. Hey people, if you're walking around that area, you should be able to see motorcyclists riding along walking paths, so be aware. Drive safely, walk safely too.


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