Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Bad Day

During last December, the Iswara was badly wrecked. And it was scuffed on last Wednesday. Today, I found out that the Accord was badly scratched. Those long uneven scratches are on the rear left door and rear left fender. Initially, I thought it was being keyed by someone. But after careful inspection, I think it was accidentally being scratched by a few sharp objects. The paint was chipped at the edge of the door too. To the person who intentionally did this, he shall get something in return due to his bad Karma...

I quickly pulled out my rotary buffer and started using M83/W8006 combo. It helped to remove those mild scratches efficiently, but those heavy ones are remained. To save some time, I changed to M85/wool combo. It was much faster eventhough I'm running at about 600rpm due to body edge. After 3 passes, 70% of the scratches were cleared. The remaining 30% (about 5 inches) are those which the clearcoat has gone, the only solution is to repaint.

I'm glad that I usually don't do much rotary buffing, hence the paint still has quite an amount of allowance for rectification. So guys...start preserving your paintwork by washing and waxing your car properly. Take the extra effort to hunt for a better parking lot if time permits cause prevention is better than cure.

Take care.

*Sorry for not taking any before and after pictures.


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