Monday, March 31, 2008

My Detailing Mojo

It's back! Ever since the Iswara had left the house (my sis took it outstation for long term), I got to make use of my Vios as a daily driver. It has not been driven frequently for the past one year and the mileage could be less than any of the garage queens: 7600km in 2 years! Though the car was parked under the porch, but the amount of dusts settled on it are harming the paint quite badly.

Since it's being driven out more often, washing it more frequently makes sense to me now. The paint is very rough, but still beads water quite well due to previous UQD application. The excellent weather encouraged me to give it a good wash even I'm back home late from work. After the wash, I clayed the horizontal panels (bonnet, roof and boot) which usually get contaminated quicker than the vertical panels. Slapped on the Meguiar's M16 Professional Paste Wax and the finish became silky smooth. The reflected image on the paintwork turned to be sharper abit, but more room for improvement can only be achieved when I polish it. And that's when I have the time to pull out my RB...:)